Paparazzi Consultant Shelley Clontz #82707
Paparazzi Consultant Shelley Clontz #82707
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Your ordered your Starter Kit, now what???

Congratulations on making the decision to become an Independent Paparazzi Consultant! It's sooo exciting! There are some things you need to do to get the best possible start in the business.

1. Set up your social media accounts with your new business name. 

  • Make a Facebook VIP group (This is where I feel most connected to my customers and where I post the most.) You can make it closed or public. That choice is up to you.
  • Make a Facebook Business Page
  • You can also set up a Business Instagram and Twitter if you choose.

2.  Learn how to navigate your back office and shop for jewelry.

3. Read and understand the Policies and Procedures, which is located under "Resources" in your back office. These are the rules you agreed to abide by when you signed your consultant agreement. Paparazzi takes these rules very seriously and enforces them with their compliance department. The Policies & Procedures protect the brand and all of us. 

4. If you don't already have a PayPal or Square account set up, open one. Make sure it is set to a "business account" so you can invoice. You'll have to verify your bank account info, so this can take a couple days. I personally use PayPal because I can create shipping labels without typing the customer's address in.

5. Order a card reader from PayPal or Square. I do have a Square card reader that I use to accept credit card payments in person at events. I carry it in my Bling Bag. Card Readers can take awhile to come in, so do it soon.

6. Set a date for your launch party!! You could have it at your house, at someone else's house, a community center, a church or other place of worship. You could also do it on Facebook Live, which is what I suggest to my team.

7. Upload your photo and story on your replicated Paparazzi website.

8. Watch as many videos of possible from Elite leaders. Learn from these ladies about their methods, organization and what makes them successful. Debbie Parkin, Michelle Johnnies, Natalie Hadley, The Frank Divas, Andrea Hutcheson. Most on in our upline. If you google them, they have amazing websites and videos to help you.