Paparazzi Consultant Shelley Clontz #82707
Paparazzi Consultant Shelley Clontz #82707
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What is the Paparazzi Fashion Fix?

Getting my Fashion Fix shipment every month is a complete surprise!! I never know what the pieces will be.

Should you sign up for the Fashion Fix waiting list? Short answer: yes!!!

Fashion Fix is one of my best sellers each month.

But what is the Fashion Fix?

Fashion Fix is a subscription service available to Paparazzi consultants. It is a set of 5 "Trend Blends" consisting of 4 pieces of stylist-curated matching sets. Each set has a "theme." The themes, or trend blends are Simply Santa Fe, Sunset Sightings, Glimpses of Malibu, Magnificent Musings and Fiercely 5th Avenue. Oh, and you receive 5 exclusive pieces each month in you Fashion Fix.

In addition to one set of each "trend blend" and exclusives, you receive styling cards with helpful tips and how to wear the pieces.

Show me:

These are the June 2019 Fashion Fix "Trend Blends."

How does the Fashion Fix work?

  • You have to call Paparazzi support (855) 697-2727 to be put on the waiting list.
  • It is an autoship service, where your credit card is charge every month around the 20th.
  • It is worth 50 pv, and automatically makes you active each month.
  • Your box will ship out after the 20th. You can take pre-orders up until the 5th. (Remember, per Policies and Procedures, no money can be collected until the pieces are in your hand.
  • Fashion Fix goes live at midnight eastern time of the 5th of the next month. 

How much does it cost?

  • $68.75 plus shipping and your local sales tax if applicable