Paparazzi Consultant Shelley Clontz #82707
Paparazzi Consultant Shelley Clontz #82707
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Consultant Resources and Info

Hi Paparazzi Consultant,

Welcome to the consultant section of my website. I know when I was new, I constantly searched the internet for ideas and advice for my Paparazzi business. My uplines were very helpful, but I also stumbled across websites of consultants who weren't anywhere on my team. YouTube was a big help as well. I do have a YouTube channel.

This info is for everyone, not just my team, the Shining Superstars. We're all in it together. If you haven't joined Paparazzi and are thinking about it, I'd be happy to answer your questions. Just drop me a line at 

I hope you find this website helpful and that it answers your questions.


Shelley Clontz, Producer