Paparazzi Consultant Shelley Clontz #82707
Paparazzi Consultant Shelley Clontz #82707
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Compensation Plan

In addition to selling the amazing $5 jewelry, Paparazzi Accessories rewards its consultants who build businesses through building a team. 

This is the Paparazzi Compensation Plan:

The compensation plan is quite confusing until you've ranked up a time or two. It took me awhile to really figure it out. 

Important highlights as a brand-new consultant or potential consultant:

  • If you recruit or sign a team member, you get a 15% Business Building Bonus. This 15% BBB is 15% of the cost of your new consultant's Starter Kit. It is expected that you will train and help them be successful.
  • You get 5% of your new consultant's additional purchases after the starter kit.
  • When you have recruited 3 personally-sponsored "Active" consultants, you rank up to Director and get a pay raise! You earn 10% as long as you keep at least 3 personally-sponsored consultants active. (Active is 50 pv, personal volume, a month and amounts to 25 adult pieces.)

The compensation plan obviously a little more in depth than what I covered above, but you got the new consultant/potential consultant quick start guide.

This video I made might help explain it a little better!